In 1976 I made a serious commitment to myself to learn how to make meaningful images.  I started with a 35mm camera and within 1 year I was working with an old Deardorff  8″x 10″ camera and contact printing all my work.  For 10 years I put everything I photographed into that format.  It trained my eye, made me slow down and relish what was on the ground glass. I learned the craft of making an image and producing fine prints.  In 2004  I made the move to digital and away from  the darkroom.  Digital capture had matured to the point where I could maintain a certain standard of image quality. It also  opened up the ability to make images in difficult interior situations that were next to impossible with a large film camera.

    The landscape was my beginning and I have always considered it an anchor point.   By the late 1980’s I began to be drawn to structures in the land, and eventually this led to industrial sites and more active industry.   I have never regretted the 25+ years of labor under a dark cloth and wet fingers in a dark room.    I have felt  fortunate I have been able to ride the wave of technological advance.  One foot in the 19th century and the other in the 21st.

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